Hood Slut

Hello everyone, Ghetto Gaggers here making it’s debut with a brand new site and lots of ebony ladies getting around to sucking lots of big cocks. Today we have one ebony woman that will rock your world, and to boot she’s an expert at deep throating cock in every size possible. Trust us, once you see what she’s capable of you’ll simply fall in love with her. So let’s not waste any more time and get this sex show on the road, and allow her to demonstrate her amazing blow job skills.

So the dirty little slut begins her session with a light sucking to get the guy nice and hard for a bit of a pussy fucking too. As she spreads open her long and sexy legs the guy does his job and fucks her cunt hard style for a time. But then it’s time to show off what everyone came here to see. Namely her cock sucking and deep throating skills. So watch her take that huge white cock all the way down her throat in this superb update today. We sincerely hope you enjoyed and we’ll be back next time with even more. Bye!


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Tasty Dash

Another fresh week and time to enjoy another sexy and cute ebony babe. This week’s horny little woman is named Tasty Dash and tasty she is indeed. She’s a twenty something babe with shoulder long black hair, a very very cute face and the body of a goddess too. And naturally you get to see her turn 180 degrees from that, showing off just how nasty, naughty and kinky she can get when she gets in the mood for cock as well. And trust us that it’s quite impressive to see a cute babe like her doing what she does too.

The babe greets the camera in her living room as the guy was already naked and waiting on her black leather couch for pleasuring. Well the babe wanted to show off her leopard print lingerie and we have to say that it just makes her loot sizzling hot and sexy too. Also you get to see the babe suck that hard and ready cock from a POV perspective to enjoy it even more. So take your time to see the sexy and cute Dash sucking that cock with her juicy and luscious lips today and do come back next week for some more new and fresh ghettogaggers updates. We’ll be waiting!


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Syndee Capri in hardcore 69

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a all new and hot scene today as usual. For this new and hot update we have another amazing babe to show off as always and her name is Syndee Capri. This brown headed babe with a chocolate body was ready to show how she likes to have fun with studs and she knows that you will enjoy seeing her at play for today too. Let’s get the show going and watch her as she gets to have that mighty fine cock all to herself for this whole afternoon. We know you want to watch her in action too.


Her scene begins like all the rest here. She undresses but does keep her sexy metallic silver bikini on as the guy reassured her that she looked sizzling hot while wearing it and he wanted to have her eating his cock with it still on. Well that’s not a problem for her and you get to see her also offering her pussy to be eaten out for the guy too. And of course, being a gentleman like he is he’s going to be doing that too. But it was amazing to have her working his meat pole with her juicy lips and expert tongue for this fine day today. Enjoy it guys and gals!

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Stacey Adams the ghetto ebony

Ghetto gaggers comes back to you once more and yet again we have a scene that you will simply adore as well. For this new and fresh scene, we bring you the simply sexy and hot ebony cutie named Stacey Adams and she has quite the sexy scene to show off. Much like Mamba in her scene in the past, this little babe is a petite cutie and she’s about to have the same hard style fun like Mamba did with a nice and big cock for the afternoon today. Rest assured that this is one scene that you simply must see, so make sure that you don’t skip a single image in this fresh and hot gallery with Stacey. Let’s get her show started today.

The scene begins with her making her entry wearing her slutty outfit of choice and of course, you also get to see a nice little strip show with her too. She was quite eager to turn the guy on with her little show as she undressed and as you will observe it worked like a charm as well. Take the time to see her as she gets to have him standing and she kneels down. Watch her sucking that cock with a passion and making sure that the guy is going crazy at her lip and tongue action pleasing his nice and rock hard meat pole for the afternoon. Enjoy it and do come back next time for another amazing and fresh scene with more ebony babes!


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Skyy Black in hardcore deepthroat scene

Well, it’s time to enjoy that time again everyone. We have another new and fresh ebony ghetto gaggers scene to show off to you and we know you will simply adore this one as well. Namely because this week we have had here none other than the sexy and hot babe Skyy Black in an amazing fuck scene that you are bound to remember for a good long while from now on. You did get to see her in the past as well and you know that this babe is one that just loves to party hard when she’s fucking. And rest assured that this time we have her a guy that could resist her too.


We say resist her, because as you know, last time she had fun with one of our dudes, the guy walked funny afterwards as the babe just drained him of all his man juices then. Anyway, this guy would be a good match for her and we were right. Watch the babe as she starts off her scene and see her sucking his cock. Then she lays on the couch and starts to take his cock nice and deep as the guy throat fucks her hard style for the whole rest of the scene today. We are hoping that you enjoyed your stay and the scene everyone!

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Lovely Renee on the ghetto stage

By now you know that we only have the cutest and hottest ebony babes to show off to you in every scene. In this new and fresh update you get to watch another lady that will take your world by storm with her amazing sexual skills too. Her name is Renee and she’s a beauty of a babe with dark green eyes and braided hair too. Today you get to see this amazing lady as she has the time of her life gulping on a white guy’s nice and thick cock and she wanted to prove that black babes are far more better and sucking cock than anyone else. So let’s get started.

The babe makes her entry too and she was already naked. From her perspective she had no time to waste and wanted that cock as soon as possible. Well rest assured that the guy was going to give her anything that she wanted today. Watch her taking her spot on top of him and see her wrapping her lips around his cock and enjoy seeing her sucking and deep throating that cock as she also lets the guy eat out her eager and wet pussy in a amazing and hot sixty nine sex session this afternoon. We know that you’ll love her and we’ll be back soon!


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Miss Breeze servicing a white cock

Another fresh week and time to enjoy another superb and sexy ghetto gaggers scene with one more black babe that will make your world rock. The name of this lady is Breeze and she’s one simply amazing MILF with a passion for cocks as well. As you will remember, we have had another babe like this in the past and she was simply amazing too. Well this babe steps up to take her little title today as she was even more amazing at treating a guy’s cock nicely. So let’s get started without further due and see her enjoying herself.

miss-breeze-sucking-a-big-cock The babe comes in the scene and as you will see, this little lady was only wearing her sexy and small lingerie set on her. And her bra was barely enough to cover those generous natural boobs as well. No worries though as she soon casts it aside along with her panties to show off her fully nude body too and you can watch her caressing herself as well. She just can’t work on a man’s cock all dressed up as when she’s naked according to her. Well anyway, she did one amazing job to suck and deep throat that cock and we hope you’ll like it!

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Mecca hungry for man juice

This new week has more new ghettogaggers scenes for you to see as always and just like always they are amazing too. For this one you get to enjoy Mecca’s scene as she gets to get down and dirty with no less than two guys and their hard cocks and it’s a treat to see her in action. We know that this babe is quite sexy and cute too and that you will want to see more of her as well. Don’t worry though, we’re sure to have her back again in the future as well. And you can also watch miss Layla getting in a naughty scene in the past updates as well if you want to see more naughty ebony babes playing with some well hung dudes and their big cocks too.

Anyway, let’s go back to our little lady for the afternoon and see what she ended up doing as well. Miss Mecca also has short black hair and she likes to wear some big loop earrings too. And we thing that it all serves to make her look really cute and sexy too. Watch her taking her time to take turns to suck the guys off one by one and then do enjoy seeing her presenting her face for them to jizz on as well. By the end of her amazing and sexy scene you will see her all covered in their sticky cum too. So have fun with it and do come back next week for another fresh and hot update everyone!


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Sweet Mamba

Well today is quite the special day. Why you ask? well today you get to see possibly the cutest and perkiest little ebony babe that is around. Her name is Mamba and she’s a teen black babe with a lust for sex and cocks and jizz too. And this fine day you get to enjoy seeing her taking as much cock and jizz as she wants after a very rewarding session of riding the guy’s nice and big cock as well. So let’s not waste time and see the amazing and cute petite ebony babe in action as she gets to have her way with this hot stud in the afternoon shall we?

mamba-getting-her-face-covered-in-cum As the cameras start to roll, the first thing you get to see is the babe making her entry followed by the guy. Not too much time passed until both of them were all naked and the babe was waiting on the bed with her legs spread wide open and waiting for his cock to fuck her hard. And that it did for a nice and long while too. Enjoy watching her taking it deep and then when the guy was nearing his limit, she pulls out and sucks his cock for the end part. Watch him shooting his load and covering that pretty face of hers with a nice and sticky layer of jizz too today! See another creamy facial scene, right here!

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Ebony Gagger Matiah

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to an all new and fresh ghettogaggers scene this fine afternoon. For this new and hot scene you get to see the busty and sexy Matiah in action. And miss Matiah happens to be quite possibly the naughtiest and kinkiest ebony babe that we have gotten to have here in our scenes. Today she’s facing a guy with a nice and thick cock and she is going to take her time to enjoy sampling that huge man meat as much as she can for the afternoon. Let’s see her at play without anymore delays this fine day shall we?

There’s quite a lot to see with her today and rest assured that we were impressed with her oral skills too. Well one thing is for sure and that is that we hope to see her around here again soon with many more amazing scenes too. Take your time to see her and the stud engage in a superb little sixty nine session this afternoon. Well she wasn’t one to not be satisfied so she had the guy eating her pussy while she was sucking him off and you can see her moan in pleasure too as the guy was doing quite the amazing job to please that eager cunt too.


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