Ghetto Gagging

We are back with more ghetto gagging scenes. As always we have another slutty ebony hoe that loves gagging on a white dicks in this update. The sexy ebony chick got her hands on two guys the other day, she was looking for some guys to clean up her backyard, so she hired to of the guys from the hood. She saw them checking her out, but she never thought they might to something about it. The two continued with their work and when they finished they asked for a different payment than the one than agreed on. She was flattered by their offer and she was horny anyways so she went with it. The ebony hoe got her mouth fucked and filled by the two horny workers in this exclusive gallery. This is all for today but don’t forget to come back for more! For more scenes like this, click here!


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Free Ghetto Gaggers

In this free ghetto gaggers update we have two hood hoes getting their throats fucked in a hardcore way. These hood hoes always find the worst guys to hang out with and this isn’t an exception. The two horny chicks found this guy at a bar and they thought they might have some fun together that night. So the girls took him at home and then the fun started. The hood hoes started taking turns on sucking his white dick and then got banged by him. You have a little preview from the scene but you can check out the picture gallery and the videos. This is all for today, but don’t forget to get back for more ghetto deepthroating scene. Enjoy it and see you next time! Until then, go to homepage and see other slutty ebony chicks deep throating!


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Eva Monroe servicing two cocks

Here we are again with another amazing and hot ghettogaggers scene for you to see. And this week we have another special little babe that was just too eager to show off. Her name is Eva Monroe and she’s a stunningly sexy and beautiful little ebony petite cutie with a killer body. She sais that she always likes to have fun with guys that pack some serious cocks and to make her prove it we let her party with no less than two hot and horny studs that had nice and big cocks all ready for her to suck and slurp on this nice and hot afternoon today.

She wastes no time at all to get naked either. She wants to make sure that everyone gets to see her amazing body and to do that she parades her sexy curves around for the cameras. She wants to be caught from every angle as she shows off her womanly goods as well. Well take your time to then see her drop to her knees as they guys were all ready with their cocks out and eager to get to feel her juicy lips wrapped around them too. Enjoy seeing her sucking them both off until their loads shoot out and cover her perky tits and cute face today too!


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Ghetto Gaggers Free

In this ghetto gaggers free gallery we have another slutty hood chick. And as you can already see she got her throat fucked in this scene. The curvy ebony chick was new in the hood and of course every guy in the neighborhood wanted to bang her, but only one got that lucky. He was the most insisted one and just didn’t give until she agreed to come to his place. They both knew what that meant so it didn’t took them too long to get down to business. The sexy hood hoe couldn’t wait to get his big dick in the filthy mouth and to suck it dry and she didn’t stop until she got her pretty face all covered with cum. You must check this out to find out everything that happened between them!


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Sexy Layla getting a facial

Hey there guys and welcome back to a new and hot ghettogaggers scene as usual. Today we bring you the hot and sexy ebony teen Layla along with her amazing body and her hunger for cock as well. She’s a curvy little babe and she does know that guys just love to play with her amazing body too. Well she’s going to let this one do the same thing as well but the thing is that her payment for letting guys cop a feel is their cocks for a raunchy and long oral session. Let’s get to see her at play as she gets around to have as much fun as she wants with this lucky guy today shall we?


The hot babe also happens to have her fun on the side of a black leather couch too and we just think that it made this whole thing even more sexy. Like we said, you get to watch her as she lets the guy play with her all natural big tits and then he works her way down to her pussy as well. Of course, she also let him pound that cunt with his mighty cock as well, but in the end she’d have the say how it ended too. Watch her pull out just before he’s about to cum and see her sucking his cock until he explodes covering her pretty face with jizz today. Enjoy it!

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Ghetto sluts in hardcore foursome

Foursome is the name of the game for this afternoon and we know that that will entice you to see more. For this one we had no less than two lovely dark skinned babes to play with our two guys and as you will see, magic simply happened. That goes to show, that if you leave two kinky babes as them alone with two guys, things are going to get down and dirty fast. The thing is that these two just love cocks too much to pass up on sucking and deep throating some for the afternoon. So let’s not delay any longer and see them sucking these guys off!

Our two little slutty babes make sure to remove every item of clothing off the guys first and they are really happy to see that their cocks were hard and ready to stand at attention today. They just went for it and you get to enjoy seeing them do a amazing double blowjob as they suck and slurp on the cocks all afternoon long today. Take the time to see them taking those cocks deep in their mouths and then watch them allowing the guys to blow their loads inside as well. This is one scene that you simply cannot pass up on checking out so have your fun and do come back soon!


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Ebony Gaggers

We have more ebony gaggers for all you ghetto gaggers fans! We have the sexiest ebony chicks here showing off her cock sucking skills for you guys. In this update we have this curvy chick getting her mouth fucked and filled with jizz, right before she gets roughly pounded. She was enjoying her day off in her backyard, it was a sunny day so she thought it might be nice to stay outside for once. While she was enjoying the silence on of her neighbors started hitting on her. She knew that he was into her, but he was dating this chick and she didn’t want to cause problems between them. After chatting for a while she found out that he was single now so it was perfect. You must see the hot ebony chick getting her mouth and pussy roughly fucked. Enjoy it!


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Ghetto Gagger

Another ghetto gagger is here with her amazing gallery. The hot ebony chick gagging on a big dick and this is just the beginning. The nasty ebony hoe just broke up with her man and she wanted to get back at him so she thought the best way to do that is to hook up with his best friend. She knew she didn’t have too much work to do because he was into her since before she started dating her man. So one call is was everything that he needed to go to her place. They both agreed no one was going to tell his buddy about their little encounter, but that was all just a lie. Because she taped everything and sent him the video of her sucking off his best friend’s dick and then getting fucked. So check it out! Also you can click here and see other gorgeous models sucking cocks!


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Ebony Ghetto Gaggers

Welcome back! We have more ebony ghetto gaggers ready to share al of their skills with you guys. In this update this hot hood ebony chick got to sucking off two guys and she did an amazing job. She was invited to this party in her neighborhood and about everyone there knew that she was newly single so she expected to turn some heads once she got there. The curvy ebony looked amazing and of course everyone was checking her out. She found these two guys checking her out so she thought to teach her ex a lesson and end up getting banged by both of them later that night. She made sure everyone saw her leaving with the two guys and that her little escapade got to his ears. Enjoy all the picture and check out everything that happened between them!


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Hot Ebony Gaggers

As you know we have the nastiest getto gaggers in the business. This horny hood MILF got her throat fucked in this hardcore update and you must check it out. This mature ebony had a little crush on her new step son, but she didn’t knew what to do about it. She just married this guy that had a hot son, that spend pretty much time around the house, more time that her actually hubby did. So she knew somehow she is going to get him, just had to wait for the right timing. That same weekend her hubby had to leave town for work so this was her time.  She was so worried about how to tell him, but that was her lucky day because he was the one that made the move on her. So here you have the happy family fucking and his step mom gagging on his big dick. Enjoy!


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