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Last updated : May 12th, 2017
For this free gaggers videos update we have a special thing that we want to try. To be fair we shot two awesome videos and we wouldn’t want to wait until next week to bring you the second one. So today our gift to you for standing by us is two videos in a single update. For starters in our first one we have a slutty ebony woman that does what our women do best, suck some big cocks and then await a special treatment with a nice jizz load all over their face at the end. Enjoy it.

Our second woman that’s here in this ghetto gaggers special video, is a woman that appeared before once, but since she heard that we started shooting movies scenes, seems that she wanted to get in on the special treatment too. Well no cons from us, as we’re happy to have her back as well. So without any more delays, sit back and enjoy her sucking on hat meat pole and just like all the great endings to our scenes, watch her as she gets cum blasted at the end. And with that we end this show. See you soon guys and bye!

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Hot Gaggers Video

In this update we bring you a awesome gagers video that we just got of our production line. This little ebony slut right here is the first amongst our women to star in the awesome video. Well actually it was by her request that we actually did a video of the thing. Don’t fret we’ll have the pictures up too, just in case that for some inexplicable cosmic reason you can’t see the video. She came in at our studio all dressed up in the slutiest outfit that you’d ever hope to see, and trust us you can’t say that it was a bad thing.

As she sure made a lasting impression on everyone down at the set. When the guy entered the ghettogaggers scene he was awestruck at her beauty, sexy outfit and amazing curves that she was packing. Perfect breasts with a slim waist line and a pussy and ass that truly deserve a prize. A prize that our guy was happy to deliver after her cock sucking fest today. So sit back and enjoy her sucking, slurping and deep throating that meat pole in this superb video today. Like always we must take our leave, but you know when and where to find us for the next updates.


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Divinity Divine – Hot Scene

Another great day for some GG updates. This time we have a rather amazing and hot set of pictures for you to enjoy of a black woman engaging in our trademark cock sucking sessions. Her name is Divinity Divine and how fitting is that name to her. She’s a really gorgeous woman and the guy we paired her today is quite the lucky guy to have his dick slurped on by this black goddess. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the show put on by this beauty today. Trust us you won’t regret it.

Just like in all of our GG updates we left her do do whatever she wanted with the guy’s large dick. A thing that she took to heart going hard and fast with a nice hand job for starters to get the guy all warmed up and hard for the wet deep throating session that she was about to do to him. And when the guy was about to explode she gave him the privilege to blow his big load all over her cute and sexy face. Be sure to watch after the next updates, you won’t want to miss them and also check out the rest of the updates too. bye!


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Slutty Phatcheeks

Well time for another weekly ghettogaggers update, and we know you’ll be impressed for sure that this woman will leave you speechless. You see her name is Phatcheeks and there’s quite a back-story to her nickname. For starters she has one killer body, that’s sure to leave any guy with his jaw hanging when he gets to lay eyes on her amazingly round curves. And with those curves comes the name too. She has one perfectly round and big ass that’s always down and ready to take a cock pounding every day.

Today she agreed to star for our deep throat galleries and we can’t express our contempt that she agreed. Just like with all the women we had here, we gave her a guy with one big cock for her to do as she pleases for the scene. But what happened this time is rather unique. Our guys are happy with just watching the pretty ladies suck their cocks. But this guy simply couldn’t help but also lick her pussy too while she was sucking his cock, making for a sexy sixty-nine session in this superb afternoon. Like always we hope you enjoyed and see you next time. Don’t forget to check out another slut banged and creamed!


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Jalisa’s Insane Facial

Jalisa here is quite a special lady. This ebony beauty is today’s poster lady in our Ghetto Gaggers update. This woman has appeared in a past update that we’ve had and today she’s making a comeback. Well since she’s back for her second serving of white man meat, we might as well tell you a bit more about here. This black little slut grew up in a  dangerous neighborhood, and it seems that that fact only made her more weary and careful about what she does every day. And even when she picks the cock that she’ll ride for the night.

Well for this update we cock hungry slut got herself another big white cock to suck on and it’s quite the sight. Today she admitted that she wants to outdo herself in the blow job session and she was determined to prove it. So without further due, sit back and watch her take that dick balls deep in her throat in this amazing gallery. we know for a fact that you’ll simply love her performance today, as she also gets to be covered in jizz at the end for a nice finisher. Again we must take our leave but you know we’ll be back. Bye!



Check out this ebony babe receiving an insane cum bath!

Cherokee Gagging Hard

Today’s Cherokee ghetto gaggers update features none other than the aforementioned ebony porn star in one amazing gallery of cock sucking and deep throating a huge cock for your viewing pleasure today. As you probably know this, amazingly hot black woman climbed her way to the top of the porn industry since her appearance a few years back and she never seems to want to miss a chance to show off in front of the cameras with her sexual skills anytime she has the chance to do so. So she called us and arranged for a scene with us.

Us at the headquarters were really happy to hear from her and made sure to pencil her an appointment as soon as we had an opening. So when she came down to the studio she was already preparing the things that she’d do to our guy in her mind. As soon as the guy stepped in the room she just grabbed him and threw him on the couch pulling off his pants to reveal his big cock. She started sucking and slurping on it without a second thought and you can bet she deep throated it too. So watch her suck her share of cock in today’s update and be sure to check out our past galleries as well. Until next time guys check out the site and see other hot ebony chicks sucking cocks!


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Ghetto Hoe Lacey Duvalle One Of The Best Gaggers

Oh man, we have such a nice surprise for you today. We bring you a Lacey Duvalle update this time with the famous ebony porn star. Lacey heard out about our fresh site and since our main focus is on ebony women she said that she absolutely had to appear herself in one of our updates. Since we kind of had a busy schedule lately she proved to be a good sport and waited for us to book her for a session when we’d have a free window. This week the GG window opened and we called her in.

She was really happy to be at our studio, coming in with a ear to ear smile on her face and eager for the session to start. We’re fairly sure that you know her name by now, she starred in a lot of movies so far and this lusty ebony woman sure knows how to make an impression. And all her work in the porn industry gave her a particular set of skills that made her just perfect for our site. So without further due, enjoy watching the superb porn star Lacey as she deep throats a cock and then presents her face to be covered in sticky jizz. Also you can go back to home page and see other ghetto hoes getting creamed!


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Cum Hungry Layla

For this week’s update we have the cock hungry ebony slut Layla sucking on a giant meat pole for your entertainment today. The little ghetto ebony slut wants to make her debut on the porn industry scene and she said what better way than this, because she also happens to be a master at the art of deep throating big dicks. So as she enters the set she begins to slowly take off her sexy clothes to reveal one killer body that’s sure to turn on any guy that has the fortune to lay eyes on her nude body.

And with that being said it’s time to get this ghettogaggers show rolling. Like all the horny women that we had so far on here , she also gets straight down to business, eager to get down and dirty with that giant cock for today’s session. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of her sucking some big cock. Watch her gag as the giant meat pole slides deeper and deeper in her mouth and throat giving her one hard style mouth fuck this time. Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next week as always.


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Free Pics

In today’s free ghetto gaggers pics gallery update we bring you one cute ebony teen with a thirst for big cocks. When she first came to us, she openly admitted to her thirst for big white cocks, and you know us. How could we dash her expectations. Curiously she wanted free reign to do as she pleases with the guy’s cock, a thing we didn’t expect the guy to agree with, but when he saw this gorgeous woman how could he deny her the pleasure of taking the reins for the blow job session that was to follow. He just pulled his pants down and let her do as she pleased.

Straight from the beginning she went in her exquisite routine on the big meat pole. She started to lick the tip of his cock and made her way down to his balls, all the while the lucky guy’s dick was getting bigger and harder. When it was all nice and hard she went munching on it like the hungry little ebony slut that she is. So without further due, watch her deep throat that dick with hunger and for a great finisher as always, see her face blasted with the guy’s jizzload. We hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for the next update guys!



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Ghetto Star – Carmen Hazel

In this update we bring you a very luscious ebony woman for our newest video. Her name is Carmen Hazel and she is such a passionate ghetto gaggers lady in everything she does. Well according to her at least. Today she’ll also be putting her sexual prowess on the line to show off how well she can get around to playing around with a guy’s big dick. She also asked for a guy with a cock as big as we could possibly find, so not wanting to let her down we say that we pretty much fulfilled her request regarding that.

And with that it was time for the scene to start. One thing’s for sure, this gallery of pictures featuring this black beauty will leave you speechless. And let us give you a fair warning at first. There’s no sex, just her and her cock sucking skills, but we bet that’s all you were looking for anyway. She starts off with a nice and wet blowjob right from the start not wasting any time. You could say it was a bit rushed but the guy sure as hell didn’t seem to mind. So watch her deep throat that dick and then see her covered in jizz.


Check out this ebony slut getting covered with nasty jizz!

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