Slutty Phat Cheeks BJ

Well time for another weekly ghettogaggers update, and we know you’ll be impressed for sure that this woman will leave you speechless. You see her name is Phat Cheeks and there’s quite a back-story to her nickname. For starters she has one killer body, that’s sure to leave any guy with his jaw hanging when he gets to lay eyes on her amazingly round curves. And with those curves comes the name too. She has one perfectly round and big ass that’s always down and ready to take a cock pounding every day.

Today she agreed to star for our deep throat galleries and we can’t express our contempt that she agreed. Just like with all the women we had here, we gave her a guy with one big cock for her to do as she pleases for the scene. But what happened this time is rather unique. Our guys are happy with just watching the pretty ladies suck their cocks. But this guy simply couldn’t help but also lick her pussy too while she was sucking his cock, making for a sexy sixty-nine session in this superb afternoon. Like always we hope you enjoyed and see you next time. Don’t forget to check out another slut banged and creamed!

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