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Oh man, we have such a nice surprise for you today. We bring you Lacey Duvalle ghetto gaggers porn update this time with the famous ebony porn star. Lacey heard out about our fresh site and since our main focus is on ebony women she said that she absolutely had to appear herself in one of our ebony deepthroat videos. Since we kind of had a busy schedule lately she proved to be a good sport and waited for us to book her for a session when we’d have a free window. This week the GG window opened and we called her in.

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Get yourselves ready to feast your eyes on some more Lacey Duvalle porn this afternoon. You know that Lacey is quite good at what she does and she’s really happy to get to show off her skills on camera once more for this afternoon here. So yeah, let’s get right into it and get to see this beautiful busty babe in some naughty action!

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The new scene is here everyone and you get to see some sexy Lacey Duvalle nude pictures with the babe. This time she gets to have some solo fun with it all for your viewing pleasure and you can check her out showing off a sensual and sexy lingerie set too. It was black and see through and you can rest assured that a lot of her sexy body was showing!

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Since last time you got to see the hottest ebony porn star on the ghetto gaggers site getting down and dirty while she posed for you, today’s scene should be right up there for you as well as she continues to pose naughty and sensually for you guys and gals to see. Let’s just get those cameras rolling and watch miss Duvalle in action without delay!

Well we promised you some more naughty and kinky scenes with her haven’t we? Well this is delivering on that. So yeah, check her out making her entry once again wearing the same sexy and hot looking black see through lingerie set and you can see her set up on the couch. Be ready to have your socks blown off by another one of her amazing solo scenes and be sure to come back again soon as well to see the new content too!



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For this week’s nice and hot show, there’s a new hood slut Lacey Duvalle blowjob scene that you can check out without delay. The pretty ebony lady is more than happy to show off once more, her skills at pleasing cock and this guy she was with was going to be in for the ride of his life while partying hard with her for the afternoon here!

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As another fresh week starts, we’re bringing you even more of the sexy Lacey in action. So sit back and take your time to explore this ghetto porn: Lacey Duvalle POV scene as the babe gets to be quite the tease in it. You’ve never gotten to see her in a scene like this and we are fairly certain that you will adore her even more after you check this out!

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This is a free Lacey Duval video that you just need to see if you adore this beautiful ebony babe and want to see her in full motion for a change. The video covers a lot of what she likes to do, and Lacey can be seen working a hard cock in this one as well just for your viewing pleasure and hers. So yeah, let's get the show going and see the video shall we?

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Hey there guys and gals and welcome to some brand new scenes featuring the beautiful and sensual miss Lacey. You all know how much the busty ebony beauty likes to have white cocks down her throat and you are about to check her out do a whole lot more of that here this afternoon too. So let's check it out already without delay shall we?

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As another fresh week came around we just had to bring you this nice collection of hot Lacey Duvalle pics today as we bet that you are more than happy to see her playing nasty once more. See, the beauty of a babe is soo so horny and we have this nice little compilation of pics here at ghetto gaggers featuring her getting down and dirty for you!

The show begins once again with the amazing Lacey getting to show off her body and start undressing to be a tease to the guy she was going to play with. The hot pics with miss Duvalle then have the babe throat fucked and gagging on that thick meat for the rest of this amazing show. Or at least for the most part. Anyway, she ends up taking the nut juice all over that pretty face and you get to check it out. Come back soon to see more!


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She's back yet once more this week everyone and she's as ready as always to get to play dirty for you and the cameras. See sexy Lacey Duvall naked on camera again as she has yet another solo session to show off in and expose that incredibly hot and sexy body. We bet that you won't be able to take your eyes off the busty beauty once again today!

This sexy naked scene with Lacey Duvalle is in glorious high definition as compared to the last one of this manner. Well check her out getting to undress and show off that body bit by bit as she parades her curves for you on camera today. The perky round tits come out first as she knows that you're eager to see them and you can check her out taking her time to fondle them too. We'll leave the exploration of the rest to you guys and gals!



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Get ready guys. You are about to see an insane deepthroat Lacey Duvalle xxx branded scene with the cutie and you cannot miss out on checking out the hottie having fun with the guy's dick and taking things hardcore too. We can assure you that there's a lot to see here that's really sensual and sexy so let's not waste time and check it out!

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Today is just the perfect day to see Lacey's sloppy blowjob on camera. The hottie is as horny and kinky as per usual and she had this guy with a nice and big cock all to herself to play with for the afternoon. Let's not delay and get to watch really close at how she uses her expertise to please that thick meat without any delay here shall we?

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This new scene features a close up Lacy Duval scene with the babe gobbling up man meat for the afternoon. See, she's really really in the mood in this one too and she practically threw the guy on the couch today. Let's just watch the show with her today as she has fun getting all the nice and thick cock that she truly desperately wants here!

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