Ghetto Star – Carmen Hazel

In this update we bring you a very luscious ebony woman for our newest video. Her name is Carmen Hazel and she is such a passionate ghetto gaggers lady in everything she does. Well according to her at least. Today she’ll also be putting her sexual prowess on the line to show off how well she can get around to playing around with a guy’s big dick. She also asked for a guy with a cock as big as we could possibly find, so not wanting to let her down we say that we pretty much fulfilled her request regarding that.

And with that it was time for the scene to start. One thing’s for sure, this gallery of pictures featuring this black beauty will leave you speechless. And let us give you a fair warning at first. There’s no sex, just her and her cock sucking skills, but we bet that’s all you were looking for anyway. She starts off with a nice and wet blowjob right from the start not wasting any time. You could say it was a bit rushed but the guy sure as hell didn’t seem to mind. So watch her deep throat that dick and then see her covered in jizz.



GhettoGaggers Ebony Fuck


You arrived in time to see a brand new and fresh Ghettogaggers ebony fuck this afternoon and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the action that you will get to see on your screens for this one. So be sure to check out the amazing hottie that we have here showing off just how she likes to fuck without any delay okay?

The whole magic happens on that black leather couch and you are about to see this lovely little lady getting a thorough fucking all over it too. Naturally, you will see her suck some cock as well, but the best part of all of this is by far when she gets fucked upside down and you can see her enjoying each and every second of it without delay. Have fun with it and we’ll be seeing you all real soon with more new content!


Carmen the Ghetto Gagger


Hey there guys, Carmen the ghetto gagger is the babe that gets to play nasty for this one and you just have to see her in some amazing action as per usual. She’s all ready to get to suck some hard cock without delay, so check her out and this lucky guy getting down and dirty for this one without delay. We can guarantee you’ll see some pretty intense and hot scenes!

Carmen knows how to tend to a cock rest assured. And she’s not shy about showing it off right as soon as the scene begins either today. So yeah sit back and check her out as she gets to start blowing the cock with those juicy lips here this afternoon and enjoy the scenery with her. You can enjoy seeing the ghetto gagger deep throat that cock this afternoon and enjoy every second of having her lips on that man meat!


The Hood Gaggers

Well guys we know you’re back to see the hood gaggers in action once more this afternoon and you can rest assured that there is a simply stunning and sexy scene to see with the ladies here for the afternoon too. Especially this ebony cutie right here. Let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s get to see everything that this woman has to offer today!

The face fucking action with the babe that comes from the hood is one to truly behold and enjoy and rest easy knowing that the scene is nice and long with her engaging in the aforementioned hard style scene. So yeah, take the time to watch her on the couch getting face fucked and joining in the ghetto gaggers ranks this afternoon as one of the best. We’ll return again real soon with yet another amazing and fresh scene for you!



Fucking a Ho from


For today’s fresh and amazing show you can see the guy here fucking a ho from and making her enjoy her time here quite a lot. Well let’s get it right on without delay this fine afternoon and you can rest assured that you will have plenty to watch with this amazingly hot and sexy little babe in some nasty action here right now!

What can we say, the cutie is just too hard to ignore when she gets down and dirty so get ready to be blown away by this ho today. You will get to see her sucking cock in addition to fucking it as well, but the crowning jewel for this one has to be the part about her bending over and taking it doggie style for the rest of the show here. We’ll let you thoroughly explore it and come back soon with more!


Ebony Carmen Hazel Jizzed

This week’s show has ebony Carmen Hazel jizzed on and you can see every juicy detail of her incredible scene. She had this guy and the black leather couch all to herself for the afternoon and you can rest assured that you will not want to miss out on this one right here everyone. So let’s just get the show going without wasting time shall we?

The beautiful and sexy Carmen is a really really horny woman and she wants to make sure that you have plenty of things to check out this fine afternoon with her. In her last show you got to see her do some crazy fucking all over the place and of course she gets to do that too, but this time the ebony babe also gets a facial jizz blast from the guy when it’s all said and done. We hope that you have fun and we’ll see you all soon with more!



Ghetto Gaggers Porn


As another fresh week started, we just had to bring you a new ghetto gaggers porn show with some more fantastic ebony women getting to have all the man meat that they want to have. We guarantee that this gallery for the afternoon is quite crazy good and there is a lot that you get to watch this new babe do around here as well!

She’s just so good at blowing meat that you just have to check her out in this new porn scene once more. The ghetto gaggers scene has her practically blowing dicks all afternoon and you can check out the sexy woman more or less ripping the pants off the eager stud this afternoon. She wanted to get to work on that cock hard and you can then sit back and see her give the guy head and a sloppy blowjob throughout. Enjoy!


GhettoGagger Slut


Well, you wanted to see some more sensual ebony babes getting down and dirty? then you are at the right place to do so as we bring you more of Carmen, the babe that you got to see here in the past. Well she’s got some more oral techniques to show off so let’s watch the ghettogaggers slut in action as she plays nasty once more shall we?

We can see the pretty cutie here once more and she’s not nearly done with showing off cock sucking techniques for now as you can clearly see. She has many more tricks up her sleeve and can go for a long time. Anyway, this week’s feature, is the slut getting to give the balls some action as well in the ghetto gaggers scene and you can see that she makes the guy moan in pleasure easily as well with that. So yeah, have fun and see you soon!


Ghetto Gagers Ho


It seems that the ghetto gaggers ho just can’t have enough of getting down and dirty for you and you get to watch her have sole alone time for a change. So she gets to take her time to undress on the leather couch for you this afternoon and you can bet that you will be in for quite the amazing and hot show with the babe spreading those legs for you!

If you ever wanted to see the ho getting to have some solo fun, this would be the time to do it. So yeah, sit your butts down and enjoy the action yet again as the beauty of an ebony babe here gets to lay on the couch and strip as she shows off all of her body in this ghetto gaggers scene for you. You can watch her parade that amazing body and you can be sure that she aims to do it in the future as well to tease you with her naked curves again!


Ebony Blowjob from Getto Gaggers

Hey there guys and gals and welcome to this new ebony blowjob from getto gaggers this afternoon. We know exactly what you want to see and naturally we’ll deliver it too. The green eyed beauty returns once more and since last time she played solo, you can see that she’s very very cock hungry for this one. Let’s just watch her get all over that dick.

She seems to be back to her old tricks once more and you can see those green eyes pierce through you once more as she gets to suck cock for the cameras and you all. We know there’s no way that you will miss out on this one as we know how much you enjoy her ebony blowjob sessions too. So yeah, check out the ghetto gaggers porn star once more and enjoy her show. We’ll be back soon with much more to show!



Amateur Ebony


As another fresh week swung by it was time to see the amateur ebony in some more action today. You all seemed to have adored this beauty as she got to have some naughty and nasty fun with herself as she got to undress some time ago and show off in a solo scene. So here she is doing some more of just that as she gets down and dirty on camera!

As we said in the past, she’s always down to get dirty and eager to show off. And as you can see, this gallery features a truly sensational scene with Carmen as she gets around to undress yet again and show off her incredibly hot nude body for you. So yeah, watch her play solo on that couch again for this week and enjoy the sensual posing that she gets around to do for your viewing pleasure too. See you as always next week!


Naked Carmen from Ghetto

Rest assured that the woman is nowhere near done with her lovely teasing session and this one is round two of her most recent solo scene. Take the time to watch the naked Carmen from ghetto play dirty once more and you can rest assured that you will have plenty more new content to watch with the beautiful babe here for the show!

So what happened is that there was a lot to show off in that last scene, so we had to break it up. She was taking her time to be even more of a cock tease last time as you know and she was going to get even dirtier with the whole thing. As she soon spreads her legs and looks at you, you can see her slide her hand down and starting to pleasure herself. Watch her masturbate here for you today and come back again soon too to see more!



Ebony Ghetto Gag


Welcome to this new ebony ghetto gag scene guys. We know how much you enjoy seeing Carmen getting naughty and kinky and we figured it was about time we brought to you another new and fresh scene featuring her getting down and dirty for you all too. So let’s check out that mouth going to some hard work once more today shall we?

She knows it’s been a while since you got to see her play properly with some dick and she’s more than happy to put on display how she likes to get down and dirty for you. Check her out showing off her cock sucking technique this afternoon again and you will get to see her face fucked as well in this one as you got to see in the past. So yeah, stay tuned and maybe you can see even more gorgeous scenes with her too!


Carmen Gets Jizzed on www GhettoGaggers com

Well everyone, Carmen gets jizzed on www ghettogaggers com today and this is one scene that you cannot skip over if you want to see some truly wonderful and amazing little scenes with the beautiful and sexy lady getting down and dirty again. She’s getting the guy to cream her face all over with his nut juice and you won’t want to miss out on this!

The cute babe Carmen was eager to get kinky once again in this www ghetto gaggers com scene and she showed it from the start by how fast she was undressing from her outfit too. So once she was done with that, you can see her and the guy getting each other more and more in the mood. After a good cock sucking, you can see the babe moan loudly as she gets fucked hard and to end it as we said, she gets jizzed on as well!



Ghetto Gagging


Here comes today’s wonderful new and fresh scene with Carmen ghetto gagging one more time for your viewing pleasure and you can bet that the beauty herself was eager to work that hard and massive cock with her lovely lips without any delay. So yeah, let’s just get it going and watch it unfold as we bet you’re eager to see her again here!

There is truly no way you can skip over this one if you love the ghetto gagging babes that we have around the site. They always get to play naughty and nasty for everyone to see and you can bet that Carmen is one of the best at doing that here too. Check her out today as she milks another guy’s cock of it’s man juices and see her deep throating that dick like a champ. Of course, it all ends with her having her face covered in his jizz!


Black Ghetto Gaggers


This week’s scene features more black ghetto gaggers of course and by now it should be no surprise with this cutie of a babe named Carmen and what she’s all about. She’d figure to be a little cock tease once more for you all and that’s how you get to see her in a fantastic and sexy solo scene, spreading her legs and showing off to you all in her show!

So yeah, she had the “stage” all to herself. The stage in this case being the same ol’ black leather couch where all the magic happens around our site with these glorious babes. So yeah, see her strip slowly for you and you can watch the cutie as she gets around to do the spread eagle even to let you get a much better view of her gorgeous cunt. Well that and the rest of her naked body too. Either way have fun and see you all soon!


Ebony Ghetto Gaggers Fuck


Another fresh week and time to see another ebony ghetto gaggers fuck unfold with the beautiful and horny Carmen here. She’s just as cute and kinky as you always have known her and she’s going to be letting this stud work her amazing pussy for the remainder of this amazing scene here this afternoon. Let’s get to watch what happened!

Like always, you will be seeing her blowing that cock and making sure that it’s nice and hard and to do that, you get to see her offering a superb sloppy blowjob. Well either way the part for her to relax after comes of course and you can see her spread her legs nice and wide and moan in pleasure as she gets herself a plowing. We bet you’ll like it and of course there will be some more action to see next week as well everyone. See you then!


Ebony Carmen Drenched In Cum

You are in time yet again to see ebony Carmen drenched in cum again and of course the babe is the main feature of the scene. Let’s get to sit back and watch Carmen in some more enticing and juicy fucking scenes as she shows off her sexual skills on camera for you all to see too. So yeah, let’s get it going already. We bet that you’ll want in on this!

You all know that the lovely miss Carmen here can never have enough dick for herself and she’s always more than happy to get to play with dude’s dicks to get some. The babe gets to suck the guy off in different ways and you can bet that he was diamond hard by the time she was going to take that cock in her pussy. And boy, did the guy give her cunt a thorough plowing for this one, as a reward too. Check it all out without delay!


Check out this ebony slut getting covered with nasty jizz!